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Fake Curt Schilling?

Yesterday I stumbled upon Curt Schilling on Facebook and impressed by his use of the Internet to further his support of his charitable organizations, I happily friended “Curtis” after double checking what I could (email address, websites, birthplace) to see if it was really him or a Fake Curt Schilling.

I was friended back and after making a small donation to Curt’s Pitch for ALS through the Facebook Causes application, received the following message back from “Curtis”.

Curtis Schilling to Tim on Facebook

Sounded genuine enough, right? The timing of the post was plausible as he was probably hanging around the clubhouse waiting for the game to start.

As it turns out, my post yesterday was picked up by a few other bloggers including the Postmen at “We are the Postmen”. At 1:03 am last night, the Postmen received the following comment on their blog post.

I have no idea who posted pretending to be me up there, but it’s not. I don’t have a facebook site, never have, so who ever that is, it’s not me. Decent chance he or she will be hearing from someone that knows me rather soon though.

By Curt Schilling on 06.13.07 1:03 am

That prompted the Postmen to do a little digging. There was clearly a Fake Curt Schilling out there somewhere. Was he on Facebook? or was he on “We are the Postmen”? The Postmen did all the requisite diligence that they could with the information that they had at hand.

“Usually, I would just pass this off as someone pretending to be Curt, but the IP address was from Boston, the e-mail address was from 38 Studios and well, I decided to shoot an e-mail over to the address in question and here’s what I got back:

I did not setup a face book account. That was me that posted the comment and yes this is Curt Schilling.

Thanks for the response

So, there you have it folks, Curt Schilling is not on Facebook. I’m about to defriend you, Mr. Fake Curt Schilling. Not cool, buddy.”

At this point, I tend to agree with the Postmen’s analysis and am very sorry to have been bamboozled by Mr. Fake Curt Schilling myself and to have passed potential mis-information along. I am inherently still an optimist however, so I will hold judgment until Curt’s next blog post on 38 Pitches and ask him a question from there if he doesn’t address this in any way.

So there you have it. The investigation is underway. Let’s all just hope that Real Curt Schilling takes the mound tonight at Fenway Park instead of Fake Curt Schilling who ever he is.

UPDATE: As Schilling gets rocked, the investigation continues.  The email address that Curt or Fake Curt used to get onto Facebook is ________@redsoxmvp.com.  The domain redsoxmvp.com redirects to the Red Sox home page and is registered to MLB.  It certainly appears to be a valid email address.    Now, I believe that those email addresses are the ones that anyone can register for a “Red Sox” email account.  I don’t want to post the email address and make it public should it be Curt’s.  But the email structure is not one that I would expect, although it is made up of Curt’s name/initials.  If this page is a fake, the offender should be easily found by the Red Sox through that email address.


12 Responses to “Fake Curt Schilling?”

  1. on 14 Jun 2007 at 4:51 pm Ian

    Unbelieveable that someone would do that.

  2. on 22 Feb 2008 at 8:11 pm Brad

    Hey, I KNOW he’s FAKE. Look at my e-mail address. I made it at redsox.com. No way Schilling would make an address so easy to find.

  3. on 22 Feb 2008 at 8:12 pm Brad

    Oh and my adress is private except 4 the dude who made this site

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