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Coming in at #32 on our list of 100 Greatest Red Sox is closer Dick Radatz.

Imagine a 6′6″ tall wide-body throwing a 95-mph fastball at you from a low-sidearm delivery, and you have an idea of why Dick Radatz terrorized American League batters for several years in the 1960s. -Gabriel Schechter

Schechter wrote this in a piece for the Baseball Hall of Fame to honor the passing of Dick “The Monster” Radatz. He was truly an imposing figure on the mound, due both to excellent “stuff” and his physical presence. Radatz was such a bright star in the early 60s for the Red Sox that it seems only fitting that he owes the bookends of his career to two Red Sox legends.

Radatz was born in Detroit, MI, in 1937. He attended Michigan State University, and would begin his track towards Boston as an amateur free agent after graduation. After two seasons as a starting pitcher in the minors, Radatz would be shifted to the bullpen by his manager, Johnny Pesky, in Seattle of the Pacific Coast League. Pesky thought he could be more helpful to the big league club by pitching multiple days, rather than on a set rotation. It didn’t hurt that Boston’s current “closer”, Mike Fornieles, “put up a Pineiro” in 1961 (15 SV, 4.68 ERA). Radatz would become a relief ace for the Red Sox in every sense of the word.

Continue reading Dick Radatz’s biography and the full Top 100 list at http://top100redsox.blogspot.com.


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  1. on 07 Jun 2007 at 1:29 pm E. Billy


    Sorry, couldn’t find your email, but was just looking at your blogroll - Rob Bradford is no longer at bradfordonbaseball.com, he’s at bradfordfiles.com. The old URL points to some unrelated blog now.

  2. on 08 Jun 2007 at 8:25 am Wooden U. Lykteneau

    It should also be noted that Radatz was the pitching coach of the independent North Shore Spirit at the time of his death. During the two seasons in which he was pitching coach, the Spirit went to the league championship, featuring teams that had the #1 or #2 overall team ERA. Considering that these were players that had either never been drafted or had flamed out of affiliated minor-league baseball, that’s quite an achievement.

    Radatz was the anti-LaRussa when it comes to relievers and “roles” — a pitcher’s job is to get hitters out, regardless of when he’s put in the game — and it’s a shame he’s not alive to see that his beliefs are now starting to get some recognition (read: statistical proof supporting his conention) from the new generation of baseball fans.

  3. on 08 Mar 2009 at 9:39 pm David Lowe

    I got to know Dick as a 10 year old when he was in Raleigh NC with Yaz.My friend Rodley Red was the batboy.Dick seemed to be bigger than life to me at this time.There were not many pitchers that big at the time.I fondly remember him giving me balls and broken bats at the time.Al Oliver came through Raleigh about this time.Anyone can call me at 919-801-0773.Thanks.

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