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Again Lowe Carries Sox
In danger of watching an opponent walk away with another victory after entering the last inning with lead, Grady Little turned back the clock and called on one time all-star closer Derek Lowe to finish off the Oakland A’s in game five of the most memorable Division Series in baseball history.
Only one […]

It’s On

I think I’ll find another way
There’s so much more to know
I guess I’ll die another day
It’s not my time to go
- Madonna, Die Another Day
Standing on second base raising his arms to the crowd in the bottom of the eighth inning at Fenway Park, David Ortiz was the Boston Red Sox Goliath. After going […]

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!
- Emerson, Lake, and PalmerWith the Boston Red Sox 2003 season hanging in the balance, Trot Nixon showed us all while playoff baseball is the “greatest show on earth.” After Derek Lowe, Mike Timlin, and Scott Williamson […]

For those members of Red Sox Nation that expected to catch the first few innings at work over the internet before stopping at a local bar to watch the compelling end of game 2 of the ALDS in Oakland, their plans may have changed in the second inning.After both pitchers breezed through the first inning, […]

I think not. Let us all relax a little and take last night’s game for what it was, a great game. Do I agree with all the moves, no, but that does not really matter at this point does it.
You all know by now that I am not a fan of Grady Little, […]

I am too tired to second guess this morning, I am too tired to think “what if”, and I am too tired to get too down before game two starts.Now if I only believed that, I would feel much better about my late night last night and blurry eyes this morning. Last night was […]

Dear Grady,
I am writing this letter to inform you that I have been one of your supporters all year. You’ve made some questionable decisions with your bullpen throughout the season, but your lineups, defense, and personality management compensated for your bullpen management… up until last night.
Granted, Manny and Ortiz combined to go 0 - […]