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I’ve got a new post up at MVN.com’s Fire Brand of the American League where I go through Manny’s meeting yesterday with the media word by word with thoughtful commentary and reactions.   Well at least some thoughtful commentary and reactions!
You can check it here: Being Manny Ramirez

I keep waiting. I keep waiting for Manny Ramirez to go on one of those superhuman rolls he’s been known for. Back in April when Manny was hitting below .200, you had to figure it was the weather, or just a slow start to the year, and that by the midway point of the season, […]

Well, he’s sold grills and condos, now it’s vintage cars. If you have $139,000 to spare and are interested in owning the “Manny Mobile”, head on over to Hemmings Motor News.
The “Manny Mobile” is a 1967 blue custom rebuilt Lincoln Continental.
“This 1967 Lincoln Continental 4 Door Convertible is owned by Boston Red Sox’s […]

The mystery that is Manny Ramirez the person has always been a topic for conversation. Case in point is the recent New Yorker Magazine piece on Manny by Ben McGrath.
“Manny Ramirez is a deeply frustrating employee, the kind whose talents are so prodigious that he gets away with skipping meetings, falling asleep on the […]

I know it’s really early into Spring Training. Most position players haven’t even reported yet. There’s lots and lots of time before things really start to get serious. There’s no good reason to worry. But I’m worried. I’ll admit it. I’m worried. Even at this early point, the Yankees seem hopelessly ahead of the Red […]

After a week sequestered in conference rooms for my real job and a weekend catching up with my family, its good to be back in the swing of things. With “Truck Day” only a day away and Spring Training right around the corner, its time to answer some questions about 2007 that will have […]

If I told you a story about a Red Sox slugger who asked to be traded because he felt victimized by the Boston media, who would you think I was talking about? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not Manny Ramirez.
It’s arguably the greatest hitter of all time - Ted Williams. In 1940, Williams was […]

According to a series of 100 Diamond Mind simulations of the 2007 season with current rosters and CHONE (Comprehensive Holistic Objective Numerical Estimations) projections for the season, the New York Yankees have a 73.5% chance of winning the division while the Red Sox are the wild card favorites with a 23% chance of winning the […]

As the hot news of the offseason changes, so does the Red Sox Times poll question. Manny is old news now! More than 50% of you should be happy with the results as it doesn’t look like Manny is going anywhere (for now).
On to our next poll question: “What Do You Expect From […]

With Manny Ramirez rumors more abundant in Orlando, FL than Mickey Mouse buttons, we thought it appropriate to gauge the temperature of Red Sox Times readers.
You all overwhelmingly voted for Eric Gagne as the target acquisition of the offseason in our first Hot Stove Poll.
Where do you stand on the prospects of trading Manny Ramirez?
Please […]

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